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wondering about who i am? 

Diana The Great

blogger | makeup enthusiast | all around cool person

Hey there. I'm Diana, often known as "Ya Girl Dee." I hail from Kansas City, Missouri. Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Pisces Rising. I am mother to an amazing teenager, (affectionately known as "The Kid,") gainfully employed and constantly refining my career. My family also lives here in the greater KC Metro. I’m an 80's baby tried and true with an affinity for a variety of cartoons from that era, as well as an admiration for 90's cartoons and culture too. I also love Sailor Moon and other anime shows but have a deep love for the old school Hanna Barbera age of cartoons-- Tom & Jerry, Space Ghost, Herculoids, things you probably have never heard of lol.
I've been writing, or journaling, since the second grade when one of my parents brought home an empty journal and various stationary sets. I currently moonlight as a fanfiction writer. I've been penning poetry since middle school but didn't get into actual blogging until late high school. Throughout all that time, I had taken thousands of pictures, by way of an old Kodak 110mm film camera, gifted from my late grandfather, that I was forever taking to the 1-hour photo at Wal Mart.  Naturally, with the change of the times came the change in technology. After the Kid was born, I began to video blog to chronicle his endeavors, as well as various thoughts and feelings. And finally, the other hobbies of mine-- makeup, and cosplay. My interest in makeup didn't really come to head until 2009, and boy was it bad. But we all start from somewhere! I continued to refine my skills and learned as much as I could from various beauty bloggers and frequent trips to Sephora. Eventually it became obvious that there weren't enough (at the time) women on YouTube who looked like me, or kept it real such as I do, which turned into a "Hey can I maybe do this better," sort of endeavor. Cosplay started with Halloween costume contests at work and just upping the ante every year, trying to ensure that I would win. One of our executives at the time suggested, "Hey, you should take this to one of the comic conventions." (I was quite appalled that I was well into my thirties before I even realized conventions were a thing.) Thus, amateur cosplaying began, and evolved into an amazing opportunity to touch the lives of kids of all ages (and many kids at heart) by putting some of their favorite characters and heroes on display. I also may have won an award or two, but that’s neither here nor there.

All in all, I’m probably one of the most random people you will meet. A nerd, who loves technology, who loves makeup, who loves video games; but also, I’m someone that is hard to forget. If you made it to the bottom of this section, know that you are the real MVP!  Thanks for stopping by.  

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