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It's Convention Season!

2023 Appearances so far: 

Lawrence Library Con 3/10 & 3/11 (guest, panels and judging)

Planet Comicon: 3/17-3/19 (OFFICIALLY A COSPLAY GUEST! WOO!)

Naka-Kon: Memorial Day Weekend (TBD)

Afro Dread Queen
The Kid! Age 14
another meet and greet
the kid and i
closet cosplay: Hades/Lore Olympus
bestie & i, thanksgiving 2019
Best in the West
Neptune Planet Power
photo credit: russ matthews
fun times
magical girl
Wonder Woman
Princess Tiana
Sailor Gang
what am i thinking about
Sailor Moon
new look for 2020
Photo Credit:  Sam Pho
Photo Credit: Cosplay Close Up
photo credit:  Lauren Nicole Photo
meet and greet
Neptune Selfie
photo credit:  Cosplay Close Up
my new friends!
ribbon twirling
photo credit:  Cosplay Close Up
Lady Ichigo
meeting Kamui Cosplay & Benni!
NakaKon with Cheru
Storm 3.0
photo credit:  Sam Pho
Planet Comicon 2019
Transformation Sailor Moon
Photo Credit:  OrangeGoFish
photo credit:  Legendary Rose
out and about
he is the very best
I don't smile often but I'm cute right now so y'all gonna see it.jpg k bye
I wish I knew what I was talking about lol
serious face
The Kid, as Scorpion from MK
dressing up at work
reviewed a juvia's place palette
LET'S GO!!!!!
hi, my name is Diana, but I'm really a ThunderCat.jpg __see you at Comicon.jpg.jpg
Chun Li, fall 2017
Cheetara, Fall 2017
First day of 7th Grade
a Storm is Coming
Wonder Woman, Planet Comicon 2018
ABH Soft Glam Palette
the once a week smile
SpiderGirl, spring 2018
InDiana Jones, fall 2017
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