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Headwear By Dee will return in the fall!

Like many of we creatives, I was out shopping and couldn’t find what I wanted to suit my particular attributes—a black girl with a big head and big hair.  I needed some ear warmers, as they are a little more forgiving of those who have big hair.  But when rocking a style or an updo, it’s hard to find something that’s wide enough to stretch over my hair and head, and still keep my hair intact. Not to mention, constant wear of any kind of winter wear, you’re always bound to see a hair or two or three snagged on it somewhere.  Ear Muffs get the job done but aren’t as secure since in order to wear them without messing you your style, you’d wear them behind the neck or a little off kilter when on top of the head.  The stores that I visited didn’t have any that had that much stretch, and the one pair that I did find, would mess with the style my hair was in at the moment.  A friend of mine (Love You Cheru!) and I were talking about the lack of availability of ear warmers and winter wear for those of us with big hair, and she mentioned how she liked the style of ear warmers that had a front closure.  Thus spurred the idea—what if we had that?  Winterwear that was secure on our head, including a front closure.  That wouldn’t tamper with hairstyles or snag at our coils/curls.  Several of my friends were witness to the early phases of this initiative, and how the process has gradually improved.  The very first headwear took about two hours to make.  Now I can cut fabric, stitch and sew three pieces in about an hour.  The fur is still a little time intensive just because of how messy it can get, but those can be about 30 minutes to an hour for each piece. Truth be told, I created quite a few prototypes, and went through about 12 of these before deciding on a final design, and sketching a pattern in a variety of sizes.  After several sleepless nights crafting, Headwear by Dee was born.


Silky/Satiny Lined Headwear that has a front closure, fitted to your head.  Slightly padded for extra insulation to ensure you’re warm, but still cute. But still warm. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.  For the best fit, wear your Headwear close to the scalp/hair line.


Colors include:


Black (Greatness)

Red (Clifford)

Leopard Print (Shay)

Hot Pink Fur (Ryanne)

Brown Fur (THE DEBRA)


Green (Stellar)

Purple (I'm a Delight!)

Now Available:  

Satin Lined Hats (GREATNESS)

Also available without the satin lining in a traditional style, by request. 

Additional print/patterns can be requested for a small upcharge, to cover the cost of materials. 

Measuring Tape is at the bottom of the page.  Please note-- you only have to measure half of your head!  for a quick tutorial on how to check what size you would need, view this video.  I wear a size Large, which is my most common size.

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